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Plastics Recycling in the UK

PET BottleAhead of the Plastics Recycling Show in Brussels on 25th & 26th November this year, let us help you get to grips with plastics recycling closer to home.

The UK’s plastics industry has a turnover of more than £19b, employing around 180,000 people. The country exported £6.7b of plastics and plastics products in 2011, and accounted for 7% of the UK’s manufacturing. Regain Polymers is one of many firms engaged in the industry.

To truly appreciate the role that plastics play in British life, take a look at these statistics:

  • In 2011, 6,737 million plastic bottles were recycled in the UK.

  • In the same year, households recycled 52% of plastic bottles.

  • Overall, just 24% of plastic is recycled or recovered.

  • 6,218 million plastic bottles are estimated to be disposed of each year.

  • Kerbside plastic bottle recycling is available in almost every local authority, serving over 21 million households.

  • UK households use around 500 plastic bottles each per year.

  • In 2011, the UK recycled 306,000 tonnes of recycled bottles.

  • Most plastic bottles are made from PET or HDPE.

  • In 2011, around 610,000 tonnes of plastics packaging waste were recycled in the UK.

  • 40% of the household plastic waste is made up of plastic bottles.

  • Around 22,000 plastic bottles equal around 1 tonne in weight.

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